Keep your tan all

year round. 

Sunless Tannig Towelettes

Ibiza Sun Organic

Self-Tanning Products

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1- Exfoliate

You will need to exfoliate before self-tanning to eliminate the dead cells of your skin. With a simple shower is enough, but you can also use Ibiza Sun Body Scrub if you desire.

2- Aplication

Apply over clean and dry skin all over your face or body. After done,wash your hands inmediately with soap and water. 

3-Stay Dry

Stay dry for at least 4 hours.  Avoid applying products that may contain oils as they may prevent the self-tan from developing.  Color will begin to develop within 1-4 hours, and may continue up to 12 hours. One application may last up to 5 days. 


Reapply as needed.We recomend to reapply it after 4/5 days.