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A perfect tan all year round. Ibiza Sun Organic Self Tanning Lotion has a light and melting texture that is easy to absorb and in just a few hours, gives an immediate and radiant tanning color with a uniform appearance. Our exclusive skin-friendly formula contains DHA (Sugar Cane derived) Vitamine E, Organic Aloe Vera, and Organic Chamomille to protect and hydrate skin. A new generation of self-tanning lotion without applying any chemical ingredient into your body. Pleasant, silky, and easy to apply, it absorbs immediately and leaves the skin soft and hydrated. Perfect for all skin tones and all genders. SO... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? WE KNOW YOU WILL LOVE THIS LOTION JUST AS WE DO!

Ibiza Sun Organic Self - Tanning Lotion 200 ml

SKU: 0002


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